The ground layered like a red velvet carpet Houses distorted as the endless tide of time Minds wonder around the realms of the past Hearts are tied up to ridges made by boundaries Words are spoken as a disconnect to the soul Creativity has chains bound to the society pleasing The community lost from an […]

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To flowers, to garlands, to fairies and wonder lands, To every color and every wonderful moment, That has only a period in which they last. How is it easy for a small daddy’s princess, To grow into a woman who has to understand the limits of happiness How is she to believe that which once […]

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The Knight

There is a knight in shining armor The lone brightness that fades out the rest There is an ecstasy in his poise and composition A composition that melts every other being into dust His proximity gives an aura of nonchalance Like the serenity before a storm that will never come It is like a womb […]

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